Elaine Ramon

Bio: I am a middle-aged lady author who likes to dabble in different genres. My first book She Was Called The Ugly Princess is science fiction. The second I co-authored with M Yitzhak Samuel called Langwidere is a derivation of the OZ stories. I love words and writing. I have been an editor of manuscripts for many years. I found myself rewriting some of the manuscripts for people who do not speak English well. So since I can put things in the right prospective I decided to write my own books. I have a love of stories. It really is not hard to put them together if you love what you are doing. Now the boring stuff: I was born in Pennsylvania, USA. I have been married and divorced twice. I have five sons, all of which are talented in some way. I live in Israel. I write books. I am on a raw food or plant based diet which I may write about in future.

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