In my last post I explained that one of my sons has ALS and my frustrations over it since I believe in alternative medicines. So since then I have been on the phone with my son nagging him (and his wife). I have sent them books and recommended books. Well, finally they are beginning to listen to me. Nagging can be a wonderful tool to use when you love someone and know how to help them. It can be a dangerous tool if you use it selfishly. I think that what woke them up the most was that the doctors offered them a medicine with multiple side effects that they say will add a few months to your life. What a joke! How can the doctors know exactly how long a person will live and therefore how can they know if it does add a few months to the life or not. It is a matter of estimation and the side effects might be causing a lessening of actual life expectancy. The doctors told my father that my mother had a few months to live and she lived two more years, so all of that is guess work.

Today I want to recommend a book for anyone who is interested: Conquering Lou Gehrig’s Disease: The ALS Diet by Hannah Yosef

Also On A talk by Dr. Terry Wahls, Minding Your Mitochondria and a talk by Dr. Lissa Rankin, Is there scientific proof that we can heal ourselves? This is also on youtube.

I am healing certain serious diseases so I know that if one changes their diet and believes that they will heal by removing the toxins from their body that they will heal. I also believe that God has a lot to do with this. We all have a lot to learn in life and each of us has a challenge. Perhaps overcoming an illness or two might be a challenge rather than a death sentence. I want to say “Good luck to all of those who are battling diseases” but I also want to say “Be strong and look for other means to accomplish the saving of your life if the doctors have nothing for you.” Think about what you can accomplish if you had your health back. You are worth saving. Everyone is.