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ALS is Curable

In my last post I explained that one of my sons has ALS and my frustrations over it since I believe in alternative medicines. So since then I have been on the phone with my son nagging him (and his wife). I have sent them books and recommended books. Well, finally they are beginning to listen to me. Nagging can be a wonderful tool to use when you love someone and know how to help them. It can be a dangerous tool if you use it selfishly. I think that what woke them up the most was that the doctors offered them a medicine with multiple side effects that they say will add a few months to your life. What a joke! How can the doctors know exactly how long a person will live and therefore how can they know if it does add a few months to the life or not. It is a matter of estimation and the side effects might be causing a lessening of actual life expectancy. The doctors told my father that my mother had a few months to live and she lived two more years, so all of that is guess work.

Today I want to recommend a book for anyone who is interested: Conquering Lou Gehrig’s Disease: The ALS Diet by Hannah Yosef

Also On A talk by Dr. Terry Wahls, Minding Your Mitochondria and a talk by Dr. Lissa Rankin, Is there scientific proof that we can heal ourselves? This is also on youtube.

I am healing certain serious diseases so I know that if one changes their diet and believes that they will heal by removing the toxins from their body that they will heal. I also believe that God has a lot to do with this. We all have a lot to learn in life and each of us has a challenge. Perhaps overcoming an illness or two might be a challenge rather than a death sentence. I want to say “Good luck to all of those who are battling diseases” but I also want to say “Be strong and look for other means to accomplish the saving of your life if the doctors have nothing for you.” Think about what you can accomplish if you had your health back. You are worth saving. Everyone is.




ALS, Healing, and Hope

ALS, Healing, and Hope.

I have written a couple books so far and am working on a few others. In May I put up my first book, She Was Called The Ugly Princess, a science fiction book, the beginning of a series. Two weeks later I put up the second book that I wrote with a talented writer, M Yitzhak Samuel, a prequel to the third book written by L Frank Baum in the OZ series. These are both Kindle books. My main motive was getting my books on Amazon to sell. I had bought several books describing how to sell books using social media and I thought I was getting started with that.

But then I spoke to my second son and he told me he had been diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Now, that can stop anyone in their tracks, but I said to myself that I was going to continue with what I was doing, because, after all, there wasn’t much I could do. It is now July and I have been looking up all sorts of things, doing research, talking to my son and his wife, praying for him, getting my very sincere friends to pray for him too, thinking about anything that can help. As much as I thought I could keep my mind on business, I just can’t. I had this blog set up and I was going to write blogs about how to write stuff, you know, helpful things for authors and people who have to write discourses, evaluations, and presentations for their work, whatever it might be. I wrote one such blog but then I got stuck. The ALS thing just put me in a bind. I started writing a truly gruesome book about witches and anti-witches. I always write gruesome stuff when I am in a dither or angry. I am not really angry right now, but I am definitely dithered.

The thing is I do not believe that any disease has to be fatal today. I am curing myself of several serious diseases. When I am finished and healthy I will blog about that. Right now I want to write about ALS. You see, I consider myself to be a servant of God. Anyone who has read anything I have written knows that. I mention God in most of my writings somehow, a little word here and there, even the science fiction. I have been serving God for most of my life and on top of that I am a healer who just forgot about healing myself for a while. I was not eating right for about 30 years. I ate healthy until I was about 20, another long story. I started a raw diet with lots of greens and fruit a year ago. I have been healing wonderfully, but I think a lot of this healing is because I believed that I would heal this way. The fact that I had to look forward to having most of the joints in my body replaced by surgical means might have had something to do with it, not to mention other equally unpleasant procedures. I am one of those department store cases of illnesses. The raw diet is healing me. My doctor is amazed. I am lucky to have her. Any other doctor would never have agreed to monitoring me instead of operating. So, why am I so hung up about my son and ALS?

My son was one of those that at 16 years old went off to be at a Rainbow gathering. He never came home. He followed these gatherings around the USA. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against these gatherings. It is at these gatherings that he met people involved in a variety of cults. He got into every strange and not so strange cult imaginable. He would call me once in a while to try to convince me that his new cult was the best one that ever was and I should give it a try. When he was 30 or so he decided to try the cult of atheism. Most people think of atheism as a negation of the belief in any God and any type of spirituality, rationalism rules the mind and so on. For him this has been just like any of the other cults he has ascribed to.

The second thing about my son is that he was, until he discovered atheism, a healer. It runs in the family. He had been part of a group of healers that healed a woman who had fallen off a cliff and broken every bone in her body. The doctors told her she would never walk again. She was lucky to be alive. A number of healers had found her after her fall, one of which was my son. They worked on her for six months after which she walked out of the hospital. The hospital did nothing but make her comfortable. If this is the case why doesn’t he just heal himself? Well, now he calls all that “just nonsense,” refusing to remember any of the things he did for other people, believing in doctors who can give him no hope. That is what has been worrying me. It is because he has believed that he would die because the doctors told him that he will and within a few years.

Well, I have not been deterred by this. I have been nagging him into seeking alternative medicines and procedures, acupuncture, massage, reflexology, Chinese medicine, Raw food diets, the Paleo diet since he refuses to give up meat, anything that he will believe can help him. I sent him a manual juicer. He lives off the grid without electricity. I sent him books on nutrition. I sent him a copy of the Deanna Protocols. I call him and nag him each week making sure to tell him how much I love him. The major break in my direction came when the doctors offered him a treatment that could only give him 2-3 months more life by a stem cell procedure. The stem cells are collected from aborted fetuses. He found this repulsive and fruitless. While I am sure that 2-3 months is good for someone who is in a desperate desire to live, it was useless to him.

So this week he told me that he is firing all his doctors and is going to seek out witchdoctors as he calls them. To me this is at least hopeful. I have seen so many people die by listening to doctors. Doctors can be so sincere but when they can give you no hope then it is time to find hope somewhere else. Hope and a belief that you can live is what heals. The body was made to heal if we just stop destroying it.

I know that there are those that will disagree with me. I will be told how stupid I am for believing in diet and going after alternative medicines over science, but if I can heal from my department store of diseases, I believe he should at least try to heal from ALS. If that makes me stupid well so be it.I will be stupid and live and he should be stupid and live too.

Writing Evaluations

I just finished editing a paper for a friend. It was totally unorganized, repetitive, badly worded, and overly emotional. Forget spelling and grammar. I could have rewritten it for her. It would have taken me two hours to do so. I decided against rewriting even though I know she is so overwhelmed that it is going to be hard for her to rewrite this paper though it needs it badly. If I rewrite it she will forever lean on me to write these papers for her in her employment when she must do field surveys. I am an editor with many years of experience. I am also an author so I know a little bit about putting stories together. I am her friend and so I want to help her. I ask myself in these cases if really it is a help to do things for people rather than teaching them to do it for themselves. It is so important for her to be able to do her job well even writing field surveys. So I made her a list of questions designed to help her write her paper so that it will have a professional edge. I want to share this with all of you who may be writing important papers whether for a job or for college. We all have to be able to express ourselves in print sometimes.

!. A title page is always nice however in some cases it is not allowed.
2. What brought you to this assignment? Where you assigned or did you choose this particular assignment.
3. Who did you meet in this assignment? What were your initial impressions of the situation you are supposed to evaluate?
4. What did you do to evaluate the situation? List the problems involved.
5. Do a step by step suggestion list one problem at a time. Include interviews you may have done with others that might help in the solution to the problem.
6 Summarize and end.
7. Make sure you comply with formating requirements. Colleges and often businesses have their own requirements for formating of documents whether kept on a computer or printed.

note: When writing papers of this kind be sure to leave out all emotional responses. Never say things like “The administrator did not like this idea though I do not know why.” Or “The administrator did not want to hire a new service to do this job though it would be cost affective.” Simply make the suggestion that a new service be hired because of cost. It is so important to remain a little bit aloof when writing any kind of evaluation. Cold hard facts will make you look more professional. Don’t be afraid to be a little boring. If you want to write jokes don’t do it on company time. If you are good at it, write a joke book and put it up on Amazon Kindle Publishing.

So there you go my friends. Good luck with writing evaluations.

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